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Working groups

Four working groups with motivated people collaborating worldwide.


Clinical cohort of patients

38 members

  • Create an infrastructure for multi-center trials ensuring compliance and high quality standards in terms of data collection and biobanking.

  • Harmonize available databases: study population and relevant variables.

  • Elaboration of guidelines document.


Development & evaluation of novel diagnostic methods

81 members

  • Focus on biomarkers based on host-pathogen interaction, technological platforms (imaging, artificial intelligence) and M/XDR molecular tests.

  • Describe the state of the art, advantages and pitfalls of diagnostic methods for TB and LTBI à current and future perspectives.


Designing novel TB therapeutical strategies

59 members

  • New drugs (repurposed/novel compounds) and host-directed therapies - preclinical testing, new approaches for clinical evaluation, methods for treatment monitoring and industry liaison.

  • Database of compounds/ drugs - protocols for testing efficacy in vitro and in vivo.

  • Describe and define treatment options and monitoring strategies - current and future perspectives.


Dissemination & communication

34 members

  • Science communication plan.

  • Dissemination activities.

  • Website and social media accounts.

  • Engage new researchers, other reference networks and private partners.

  • Coordinate and publish the WG’s results.

Interaction and impact

Would you like to join us?

  1. Read the Project Description Memorandum of Understanding.

  2. Inform the Chair of ADVANCE-TB, Alicia Lacoma, by email.

  3. Apply to join your Working Group(s) of interest.

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