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About Us

Launched on September 2022, ADVANCE-TB COST Action (CA21164) aims to address the complexity of tuberculosis (TB) management. ADVANCE-TB is a research network that offers opportunities for collaboration between clinicians, academic researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds, industry and non-governmental organizations with the aim of advancing TB research.

This is us

Passionate. Committed. Positive.

ADVANCE-TB has more than 134 members coming from 42 different countries worldwide and we keep growing. So far we have 38 members in Working Group (WG) 1, 81 in WG2, 59 in WG3 and 34 in WG4. Our Management Committee consists of 43 members from 24 countries. 

ADVANCE-TB member map

The following are the 12 members with leading roles. Feel free to contact them!

Would you like to join us?

  1. Read the Project Description Memorandum of Understanding.

  2. Inform the Chair of ADVANCE-TB, Alicia Lacoma, by email.

  3. Apply to join your Working Group(s) of interest.

Thanks for your interest in our Action!
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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